Power Grid Innovations

Power Grid Innovations is home to a broad range of scientists, engineers, and technical specialists, with capabilities in power system studies, software development, smart utility services, microgrids, renewable energy, automations and electrical testing. These skilled researchers have decades of collective and real-world experience and often work in cross-departmental teams to investigate, diagnose and solve complex problems.

What We Do?

We offer a complete range of power system studies, complemented with analysis and design for the effective use of electrical power and high voltage equipment.

Stability Assessment

Minimize power system expansions

Renewable Energy

Ensure renewable energy resources operate properly

Power Quality

Monitor optimum power characteristics

Model Development

Validate generator and load parameters

Grid Automation

Enhance security and intellectuality of the utilities

Grid Modernization

Let's create the modern grid of the future

Our Skills

Computer Simulation and Analysis


Siemens PSS/E Software

PSLF Software

ETAP Software

CYME Software


DSATools Software

Real Time Digital Simulation

Protection and control study and testing using RTDS

Design Automation and SCADA Systems

National Instruments Hardware and LabVIEW Software

Siemens, Rockwell Automation, OMRON and GE PLCs


Distribution automation/optimization

Electric vehicles

Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Modelling

Intelligent City

Energy Saving Solutions

Distribution Feeder Capacity Studies

Power System Studies

Microgrid and DER Systems Impact Assessment

Electromagnetic Transient Analysis

Software Development

Generator, Wind, Solar, STATCOM and SVC systems Testing

Generator and Load Modeling

Voltage Stability Analysis

Transient Stability Analysis

FACTS (SVC, STATCOM, TCSC) Control and Impact Assessment

Generator Model Validation

HVDC Control and Impact Assessment

Power System Stablizer (PSS) Tuning Study

Power Factor Correction Study

Ground Grid Design and Analysis

Short Circuit Studies

Relay Setting and Coordination Studies

Arc Flash Studies

Load Flow Analysis

Grid Islanding Studies

Load Flow Analysis

Power Generation Impact Assessment

LVRT, FIDVR and Flicker Studies

Reactive power Compensation studies

Transformer Energization Studies

Software Products

We translate the power system needs into a software product by satisfying the end user expectations.

Why US?

We must get ready for tomorrow today.
It creates a long-term destination for our business and provides us with a "Roadmap" for winning together with our clients.

Our Mission

To provide superior quality services

To make the life healthier and easier

To inspire moments of convenience

Our Vision

Provide a win-win relationship of clients

Escalate profit by satisfying clients

Be an admirable workplace for the employees

Our Value