About Us

Power Grid Innovations is home to a broad range of scientists, engineers, and technical specialists, with capabilities in power system studies, software development, smart utility services, microgrids, renewable energy, automations and electrical testing. These skilled researchers have decades of collective and real-world experience and often work in cross-departmental teams to investigate, diagnose and solve complex problems.









Power Grid Innovations

Power Grid Innovations is specialized in providing engineering consultancy services for power system analysis, power evacuation studies, network simulation and design, master plan preparation for T&D infrastructure, grid connectivity studies.

We undertake services in areas of renewable energy integration, commercial and operational duediligence for energy utilities, energy service industry, insulation coordination, and overvoltage simulation studies to optimize the system performance while balancing costs and reliability.

We at Power Grid Innovations have a committed team of engineers and managers, dedicated and supported by state-of- the-art technology and industry standard process. The team comprises of a right blend of young minds and seasoned experts, with expertise, technical know-how and Industry experience.

Power Grid Innovations offers a range of innovative solutions, which enables its customers, achieve excellence by embedding new features and intelligence in their existing products. Power Grid Innovations’s motto is help the utilities, industries, investors, developers, regulators and other stakeholders manage the ever growing demand for electrical power in a cost effective, reliable and sustainable manner

As a natural extension of our activities, Power Grid Innovations is offering solutions and services related to interconnection and model validation of Distributed Generation plants using renewables such as solar and wind farms.

World is moving towards sustainable energy. Consultancy services are offered in various simulation time frames for stability assesments, model validation, interconnection assessments and transient studies.

In Power Grid Innovations, we translate the power system business user needs and/or marketing goals into a software product by satisfying the end user expectations. We deliver capable services at a moderate cost.

Our team has hands-on experience in the design, implementation, and testing of Distributed energy integration for large utilities. Power Grid Innovations also offer Design, evaluation and testing of SCADA and Distribution Automation.